Unicorn USB Flash Drives - Memory Stick (Multiple sizes)

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Your USB no longer needs to be dull or boring! You’ll be the envy of everyin in your office with your magical Unicorn USB! 


These USBs are made of silicone, come in 4 difference colours and 5 different sizes. 



  • Red
  • Black
  • White
  • Blue


  • 4GB     
  • 8GB     
  • 16GB   
  • 32GB  
  • 64GB    

Please Note:


**Your USB may contain slightly lesser memory than indicated. This is normal because a portion of memory space in your external storage is reserved for system files and data sector for enhanced performance. 

  • 4GB     = approximately 3.6GB-3.8GB
  • 8GB     = approximately 7.1GB-7.6GB
  • 16GB   = approximately 14GB-15GB
  • 32GB   = approximately 28GB-30GB 
  • 64GB   = approximately 58GB-60GB

Tips for use

1. When you use your USB flash drive, it is best to copy your files to the computer than use your files in USB flash drive directly.

2. Please do not remove your USB flash drive when it is being used otherwise your data may loss. Remember to Eject correctly through your computer before removing. 

3. Please do not format your USB flash drive frequently, otherwise the USB will be damaged easily.

  • Online Exclusive - NOT Available In Stores
  • LIMITED STOCK - Only 50 units available
  • May take 1-4 weeks to arrive due to high demand